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My blog posts are written for parents, caregivers, teachers, SLPs and other professionals.  I, Britanni Cann-Fubler, do not advise parents specifically about the treatment of their child via the information/materials in this blog.  I refer parents to find a certified SLP in your area.

At times I may reference other blogs, websites, etc.  This is not an endorsement and I accept no responsibility for the contents of other websites. However, I will state clearly if a particular blog post is an endorsement.

Britanni Cann-Fubler is the sole writer and editor of this blog.  Thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog are hers. She has created this blog for her own personal use. It is created and managed in her personal time. The thoughts and opinions are hers, and they do not represent the thoughts or opinions of her employer.

Copyright:  The contents of this blog belong to Britanni Cann-Fubler, unless otherwise stated.  If you see a post you like or a download that you can’t wait to use, GREAT! Please feel free to share a link or download the material for yourself but remember,  credit is required.  Commercial use of my products is not permitted. If your friends want a freebie to download too, great! Please send them the link so they can download it for themselves instead of printing multiple copies. If you do not give credit back on links to posts or materials it is kind of like stealing, and that’s just not cool…and we just all want to be cool, don’t we? With that, enjoy the blog!

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